Slope Star

Slope Star is an exhilarating, kid-friendly ski program offering personalized instruction in a fun and dynamic setting, crafted to inspire confidence on the slopes.

What is Slope Star

Welcome to ‹Slope Star›, my unique ski instruction program specially designed for children. As your dedicated ski instructor, I focus on sparking a passion for skiing while teaching essential skills. ‹Slope Star› is renowned for its playful and child-centric approach. My method, ‹Learning through Play on the Slopes›, ensures that each lesson is not just effective but also immensely enjoyable.

In ‹Slope Star›, I employ teaching methods specifically crafted to make learning to ski fun and safe for children.

Tailored Ski and Language Experience

I am specialized in offering a customized ski instruction experience that meets the unique needs of each child and aligns with parental expectations. My program blends skiing proficiency with the option of German language learning, all tailored to foster confidence, joy, and personal growth in a safe and engaging environment.

Personalized Ski Instruction

'Slope Star' focuses on individual learning styles and paces, ensuring each child receives the attention and guidance they need to improve their skiing skills, whether they are beginners or advanced skiers.

Integrated German Language Learning

For families interested in combining leisure with learning, our program offers the unique opportunity to include German language lessons, utilizing interactive games and activities on the slopes or in cozy settings, like a ski hut.

Flexible and Holistic Approach

Understanding that every child's needs and parents' goals are different, 'Slope Star' provides a flexible learning environment. This includes focusing solely on ski improvement, engaging in language learning, or a combination of both, all within a context of fun and safety.

Ski Levels for every age

I teach children from 2.5 years upwards, with no upper age limit. Tailored to every skill level, from Blueleague for beginners to the challenging Blackleague, Ramona assesses each child’s abilities to place them in the right class, including subcategories like Black Prince, Black King, and Black Star. Together with parents, I set achievable goals based on the child’s skills and available time, we have together.

Ramona Feyrer - Ski Instructor

Empowering each child, inspiring curiosity and confidence, and fostering a lifelong love of learning.

Your Ski Instructor

I'm Ramona Feyrer - Multilingual Educator and ADHD Coach from Zurich.

I believe in personalizing education to make it empowering and enjoyable. With over a decade of experience, I specialize in children's education and am a certified ski instructor, annually updating my certification. Since 2016, I've been teaching in Davos, Klosters and Hoch-Ybrig, dedicating myself to nurturing each child's unique strengths through skiing. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Multicultural Communication, my approach is centered on fun, safety, and fostering confidence. I leverage my background to offer supportive strategies, especially for those with ADHD, in a multicultural and multilingual learning environment.


Ramona Feyrer

- Kids Coach


Ramona Feyrer offers expert ski instruction across the diverse terrains of Davos Pischa, Davos Parsenn, Hoch-Ybrig, and Klosters. With her deep familiarity with these areas, she allows families to choose the perfect location for their skiing adventure. Whether for beginners or advanced skiers, Ramona tailors lessons to provide a memorable experience on the slopes.

Davos Jakobshorn

Davos Jakobshorn, known for its serene landscape, offers a unique piste skiing experience. Ideal for those seeking tranquility away from crowded slopes, it's a heaven for pure nature enthusiasts.

Davos Parsenn

Davos Parsenn, the heart of the region, provides diverse slopes for all levels. Its vast terrain and historic routes make it a favorite for panoramic Alpine skiing adventures.

Klosters Madrisa

Klosters offers an exclusive skiing experience with its charming village atmosphere and diverse pistes. Known for luxury and quiet slopes, it caters to those seeking elegance and quality.


Hoch-Ybrig combines picturesque views with family-friendly slopes. Its mix of easy and challenging runs ensures a delightful experience for skiers at every level.

We had so much fun

Nothing compares to the joy of being with children in the snow, witnessing their daily progress. It’s not just about teaching them to ski, it’s about watching them grow, step by step, into confident and joyful skiers.


Ramona Feyrer’s ‹Slope Star› emphasizes personalized 1:1 ski instruction to ensure quality learning. Uniquely, families benefit from a fixed daily rate, allowing siblings to join the lesson at no extra cost. This approach offers exceptional value, ensuring all children in a family can learn from Ramona’s expertise under one inclusive fee.


120 CHF


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350 CHF


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550 CHF

1 WEEK PASS (5 Days)

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2200 CHF

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