Fluent Kid is a unique, child-centric approach to German language learning lessons with tailored support in a creative and flexible environment.

What is Fluent Kid?

Learning a language with Fluent Kid is more than memorizing words; it’s a creative and joyful journey of discovery for each child. Under the guidance of Ramona Feyrer, an experienced educator and ADHD coach, her program offers a unique, interdisciplinary approach, integrating various methods to meet each child’s needs, including ADHD coaching and creative learning.

Central to Fluent Kid is the Birkenbihl Method, promoting natural and intuitive language acquisition, deepening understanding of German – her native language – and enhancing cognitive skills. This method, mirroring how children naturally learn their mother tongue, proves effective for all children, including those with ADHD.

Your benefits

A Holistic approach

I encourage children to explore the German language through stories, games, and interactive activities. German is my native language and I speak Englisch vor ober 20 years fluently. This not only keeps the learning process engaging but also builds their confidence as they start to understand and communicate in the language more effectively.

I am committed to providing a holistic experience that goes beyond language acquisition. By integrating aspects like emotional intelligence, problem-solving, and creativity, I ensure that my pupils are linguistically proficient.

This makes learning more enjoyable and helps in contextualizing the language in real-life scenarios.


The Birkenbihl Method revolutionizes language learning by combining passive and active phases. Initially, kids are immersed in the target language in a relaxed setting, familiarizing them with its rhythm and sounds. This passive phase mimics natural language acquisition, laying a foundational understanding without direct teaching. Subsequently, the active phase involves more direct engagement. Children start to actively build their vocabulary and grammar, employing the language in practical contexts. This method makes learning intuitive and enjoyable, fostering a deeper, more natural grasp of the new language.

Tailored to Each Child

Understanding that each child’s learning journey is unique, I blend together  elements from my diverse programs to suit individual needs. Whether it’s a child with ADHD requiring specific attention or a student showing interest in mathematics, the Fluent Kid program adapts to incorporate these varied facets, enriching the language learning experience.

I believe that learning should not be confined to the four walls of a classroom. Therefore, my approach includes immersive experiences where learning can happen anywhere – be it a playful session in the park or an interactive lesson outdoors.


You can conveniently book a session with Ramona online, ensuring a personalized learning experience from the comfort of your own home. Alternatively, for a more direct and hands-on approach, Ramona offers the option to come to your residence for in-person tutoring. This flexible approach allows for a tailored educational experience that suits your child's individual needs and learning style."


At Fluent Kid, I focus on developing well-rounded individuals, not just in language skills. My students gain critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and a global perspective, equipping them for future academic and life endeavors. This holistic educational approach distinguishes my pupils, setting them up for long-term success.


‹Calculus Kid› focuses on personalized 1:1 math tutoring, including VAT in the pricing for transparent and comprehensive learning investment. Offering a unique value, a fixed session rate is available, permitting siblings to participate in the tutoring session at no additional charge. This pricing strategy ensures that every child in the family benefits from Ramona’s dedicated math instruction within a single, inclusive fee.

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145 CHF

30 Lesson Package

18% discount

3570 CHF

Travel Expenses

30 CHF

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