I'm a multilingual educator and ADHD coach from Zurich. With a passion for empowering children's success, I specialize in Mathematics, German language, preparatory courses for gymnasium, and ski lessons, catering to the unique needs of children aged 6-12, including those with ADHD.

Empowering each child, inspiring curiosity and confidence, and fostering a lifelong love of learning.


I'm Ramona Feyrer - Multilingual Educator and ADHD Coach from Zurich.

My belief is that education should be personalized, fun, and empowering. For over a decade, I've dedicated myself to providing tailored learning experiences to children, focusing on their unique strengths and interests.

Today, I use a multifaceted approach to teaching. With my programs «Fluent Kid», «Calculus Kid», «Calm Kid», and as a certified ski instructor, I offer varied services designed to unlock each child's potential. I also leverage my experience living with ADHD to provide specific support and strategies to children facing similar challenges.

Being multilingual and having worked across cultures, I bring an enriching global perspective to my teaching methods. I strive to create a safe and comfortable environment where every child feels valued and capable of achieving their educational and personal goals.


Ramona Feyrer

- Kids Coach

What drives my work

Vision & Values

Prioritizing Education

I place education at the forefront, guiding students to unlock their full potential for academic success, with tailored, growth-focused teaching methods.

Creating a Holistic Learning Environment

My approach extends beyond knowledge transfer, creating a holistic environment that synergizes tutors, students, and parents for an enriching education.

Building a Trustful Partnership

Long-term tutoring success hinges on trust and sustained commitment. I foster a nurturing partnership with open communication for maximal learning outcomes.

Why book me?

Your advantages


You can conveniently book a session with Ramona online, ensuring a personalized learning experience from the comfort of your own home. Alternatively, for a more direct and hands-on approach, Ramona offers the option to come to your residence for in-person tutoring. This flexible approach allows for a tailored educational experience that suits your child's individual needs and learning style."


When you choose to work with Ramona, you're embracing a holistic and diverse approach to learning. Alongside proven methods like the Birkenbihl Approach for language acquisition, gentle parenting techniques, and Montessori principles, Ramona integrates the concept of positive reinforcement to encourage and motivate children. This amalgamation of methodologies creates an enriching and supportive learning environment.


In all tutoring areas, her expertise in ADHD is a key component, enriching each lesson. Whether it's math, language, or ski lessons, her methods are tailored to support and leverage the unique learning styles of ADHD students. This approach not only aids in academic success but also helps children develop effective coping strategies, ensuring a holistic learning experience that goes beyond traditional education.

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